Ijah Webserver


Ijah Webserver: Search for (Plant – Compound) – (Protein – Disease) Connectivity

In-silico screening is crucial in drug discovery, including herbal-medicines discovery.
Given one or more plants, we want to know their target diseases.
Likewise, for one or more kinds of diseases, we desire to know which plants can potentially cure them.
Ijah is a web-server that provides searching and predicting services for the interaction between plants and diseases.
Ijah searches over its huge aggregating database that contains information about plants-to-compounds,
compounds-to-proteins and proteins-to-diseases, extracted from several separate databases.
In addition, Ijah estimates unknown interactions using several distinct algorithms, then
reports prediction confidence levels.
Finally, Ijah visualizes the pharmacological network from plants to compounds to
proteins to diseases in the form of multi-partite graphs.
Ijah is publicly available at http://ijah.apps.cs.ipb.ac.id at no cost.